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Improve Your Confidence and Communication in English

Empowering Professionals to Enhance Confidence, Communication Skills, and reach Social Fluency

Welcome to Explearning Academy where communication turns into connection

Exploring Our Interactive Learning Community: A Guided Tour 


Why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Explearning Academy is not just another communication course. It's your communication gym, a place where you can flex those communication muscles, build confidence, and reach social fluency. It's where communication turns into connection.

Imagine walking into a room and owning it, speaking with clarity, confidence, and charisma. That's what Explearning Academy can do for you.

Here's What You Get:

  • Live Q&As and Conversations: Real-time interaction to sharpen your skills.
  • Personalized Feedback: Tailored advice to help you grow.
  • Weekly and Monthly Challenges: Push your boundaries and achieve greatness.
  • A Community of Passionate Professionals: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
  • Self-Paced Web Courses and Interactive Quizzes: Learn at your own pace and test your knowledge.
  • Learning Materials and Downloads: Access resources to support your learning journey.

Why Explearning Academy?

Because it's more than just learning public speaking. It's about improving your social skills, emotional intelligence, executive communication skills, and cultivating a growth mindset. It's about YOU becoming the best version of yourself.

Don't just take my word for it. Mireya, a wonderful member in our community, says it's the "best investment you won't regret."

The Wait is Over

Tired of waiting for the perfect time to work on your communication skills? The moment you'll just suddenly start to feel confident? Enough waiting. Now's your chance. Join Explearning Academy. This is your path to Social Fluency™.

Take action today. Commit to Explearning Academy. Because the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

See you inside,

Mary Daphne 


Get exclusive access to live chats with Mary Daphne (Ed.M., M.A., B.A.), weekly challenges, personalized feedback, expansive library of web courses, a private community of passionate professionals, and so much more!

*tl;dr stands for "too long didn't read" and it means that this is the summary of the points!

If you're here, you probably know Mary Daphne from her YouTube channels and Podcasts.

🎥Explearning Communication and Social Skills

🎥Advanced English for Professionals

The best value on the internet!

What is Explearning Academy?


Improve Your Confidence and Communication 

Looking to level up your career, have a greater impact professionally and socially, or forge deeper connections? We can help. 

 “Best investment. You won't regret it.” 

-Mireya (Nurse Practitioner) 

Community Perks

🚀 Live Q&As and conversations

🚀 Communication (Executive Communication + Social Skills) lessons

🚀 Language Lessons

🚀 Personalized feedback

🚀 Live interactive workshops

🚀 Weekly and monthly challenges 

🚀 Conversation partners to practice with

🚀 Web courses and quizzes

🚀 Worksheets and learning materials

🚀 Exclusive content shared only with the Community

🚀 Live video calls with MD and other members

🚀 And much more !!!

"This community is very active, open, and lively. We touch upon various stimulating topics that are relevant to business, professional, and social environments."

"The community’s international diversity is the perfect practice ground to interact in multicultural settings."

If you're looking to improve your:

  • social skills (& emotional intelligence)

  • executive communication skills

  • confidence in social settings

  • mindset (cultivate a growth mindset)

  • public speaking skills

then you're ready to join us~!

Enjoy Small Group Discussions

  • engage with people who have similar goals
  • enjoy learning about different perspectives
  • feel welcomed in a warm environment
  • get personalized communication coaching in a small group setting
  • learn new vocabulary, phrases, and expressions
  • practice communication and social skills strategies 
  • receive instant personalized feedback

Note: Live conversations typically take place between 9 AM to 4:30 PM UTC (GMT+0)

"The sessions have been helping me cultivate my personality and communication, which is a great added feature that is not seen in other language programs."

Do You Say Any of the Following?

  • I wish my communication was better
  • I wish I had people to practice communication skills with
  • I wish I had more confidence
  • I wish I had better social skills
  • I wish I could get real-time feedback on my Communication skills
  • I wish I could express myself and my thoughts better
  • I wish I was part of a community of awesome people
If you said "YES" to any of these, then it's time to Join Explearning Academy!

What Our Members Are Saying

Real Experiences: Insights from Our Explearning Community

Tired of Waiting for:

  • the perfect time to work on your communication skills?
  • the moment you won't have an "accent" (Spoiler: everyone has an accent!)
  • enough time to work on communication and social fluency?
  • the moment you'll just suddenly start to "feel confident" but it never arrives!
  • people to interact with and exchange ideas!
  • a community of awesome people to just appear?!

The Wait is Over...Now's Your Chance

Join Explearning Academy. This is your path to Social Fluency™.


Meet your Instructors

Mary Daphne, CEO and Co-Founder of Advanced English & Explearning; Head of Community at Explearning Academy

With an Ed.M in Applied Linguistics, Mary Daphne has over fifteen years of experience working in education, cross-cultural corporate communications as well as television and live broadcasting. She loves exploring the intersection of language, culture, and social interaction.

Alongside her corporate engagements, Mary Daphne has spent the last two decades designing social skills, public speaking, cross-cultural communications, and business communications courses. Her lessons leverage technology, empirical research, and data-backed teaching methodologies to produce high-value outcomes for her students and clients.

Mary Daphne is a native New Yorker and an avid traveler. In her spare time, you can find her hiking, painting, strength training, and composing children’s books.

She received her Ed.M. in Applied Linguistics from Columbia University, graduated Valedictorian with an MA in TESOL from Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hamilton College with a BA in French and Communication studies.

Languages: English (Native), French (Bilingual), Turkish (Fully Proficient), Greek (Beginner)

Greg, COO and Co-Founder of Advanced English & Explearning

Prior to Advanced English, Greg was COO of Ticket Monster, an online secondary market event ticket retailer based in New York City. After growing the company from three to nearly fifty employees, he structured and closed the sale of Ticket Monster to an industry leader in the entertainment space.

Before Ticket Monster, Greg lived in Beijing, where he launched fundraising operations for the educational non-profit Teach For China, expanding the organization’s annual donation pipeline from under $1M to over $5M in two years.

While at Teach For China, Greg also co-founded The China Step, a web-based travel business that provided recent graduates with affordable services for living and traveling in China.

Prior to Beijing, through a Princeton in Asia Fellowship, Greg laid the pedagogical foundation for Teach For China in its inaugural year as one of 20 Fellows teaching 7th grade English in rural Yunnan Province.

Born in New York City and raised in Hong Kong, Greg likes to spend his time in forests and mountains. But more often than not, he's just typing away at a computer.

Greg received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and a Master's Degree in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania's Lauder Institute. He graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in English and Chinese Studies.

Languages: English (Native), Mandarin (Fully Proficient) Turkish (Intermediate)

Central pillars of the Explearning Academy community

Daily Practice:

Go-to source for daily touchpoints, quests, challenges, and other lessons; participate in live discussions and share thoughts, ask questions, and speak your mind

Connect and Engage:

Share knowledge, learn from others, and participate in discussions and activities; answer prompts or create your own and invite participation from other Explearners

The Cultural Collective:

Share what you're reading, listening to, and watching to level up your skills. Participate in live discussions where we share these resources with each other, exchange information, listen to each other's insights. 

Premium Courses:

Self-paced courses with a strong foundation of knowledge and practical strategies that can be applied in the real world

Confident Communication (Odyssey)

A thirty-six module journey filled with adventure and learning; lifetime access for founding members (those who join in 2023); unique theme and lessons with activities, quests, and challenges each month; after 2023, will only be available for purchase at an additional fee and separate from the Explearning Academy Membership